"His sheer effort and “can do” attitude goes above and beyond."

Permanent Placements

Fox Outside Catering Ltd are extremely proud and passionate about what we try to achieve within the catering industry. Our company and management team have over 25 years’ experience in hospitality and catering, therefore we care a great deal about the industry.

Although we do offer a temporary solution as part of our business model, we also recognise that most people and businesses are much happier and successful when they get a permanent solution to their staffing needs. Fox Outside Catering work with you to try and ensure that you get the right person to fit into your team, whether it be a small family run hotel or a large corporate catering venue we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Placing advertisements, lengthy interviews and all the employment processes can be a costly and stressful experience, especially if it doesn’t breed results. Why not let Fox Outside Catering and our team of catering specialists do all the leg work for you, so you can concentrate on your business.

Alasdiar Wilkinson-Marsh our marketing and advertising manager has a knack for getting results and finding candidates that suit your requirements “but it doesn’t just stop there”, we don’t just send you staff from reading through their C.V’s. Fox Outside Catering have trained head chefs and kitchen managers who extensively interview all your candidates in person and also test their skills and ability in our production unit and restaurant, we find this takes the pressure of our clients and makes sure we have a greater chance of success when placing a permanent member of staff.

Pricing and Commission Rates
• £0 – £18,000 = 12%
• £18,001 – £23,000 = 14%
• £23,001 – £32,000 = 16%
• £32,001 + = 20%

We appreciate that customers need peace of mind and protection when taking on new staff, especially through a third party. Fox Outside Catering Ltd only charge you 25% of the commission on placement and then 25% every month thereafter for three months. We find that this gives our customers confidence that they are not paying out money for a member of staff that might not fit or progress in their company.