"Andy and the team were a joy to work with from start to finish."

Relief and Temporary Staff

We all need an extra hand occasionally and usually at the most unexpected and inconvenient times, when this happens in our private life we rely on Friends and Family to help out on these stressful occasions, in our businesses we need people we can rely on and trust as well, Fox Outside Catering Ltd understand this and we hand pick our freelance relief staff in the same way we do our permanent PAYE staff, through interview and working trials in our production unit or restaurant. This leaves us in a position that we send our clients only the best and most reliable hospitality staff.

Over the last 6 years Fox Outside Catering Ltd has become the leading recruiter in Cumbria, we believe this is due to our friendly and professional attitude, reasonable and realistic pricing structure and also due to our relentless search for perfection within our relief staff and production unit staff. We realise you can’t always get it right, so we have now hired four “emergency chefs” that work in the office/production unit and are contracted to cover where necessary, this includes covering our freelance chefs if they are ill, on holiday, not what the client is looking for, AWOL or any other reason that you the client are left short. Our emergency chefs are based in Ulverston so can be there to help in the time it takes to drive to you, peace of mind, consistency and reliability are key.

In the Autumn 2017 Fox Outside Catering purchased and renovated a unit in Ulverston (Cumbria), we have three offices and a top of the range commercial production kitchen, the initial plan was to become more accessible for our clients and to create a professional team of catering and hospitality specialists, this worked and we noticed our clients were more satisfied and had belief that someone would be there for them if they needed us. Our office staff work Monday-Saturday and are easy to get hold of at the end of the phone from 09:00am-17:30pm, they are all trained to handle queries and new bookings, 90% of our office staff have previously worked within the catering trade and therefore are extremely knowledgeable about the trade and our clients’ needs.

Whether you are looking for staff holiday cover, have been let down by a member of your team or just require extra cover for any reason please call a member of our team and “we can help”.

Pricing and Rates

• General Manager £28.00 per hour plus VAT
• Catering Manager £22.00 per hour plus VAT
• Head Chef / SNR Sous Chef (working in the head chefs absence) £18.00 per hour plus VAT
• JNR Sous Chef (working alongside the head chef to assist) / CDP £16.50 per hour plus VAT
• Head Waiter/ess (Running the floor/service) £18.00 per hour plus VAT
• Waiter/ess and General Assistant £15.50 per hour plus VAT
• Cook / Commis Chef (needs supervision and guidance) £15.50 per hour plus VAT
• Kitchen Porter £12.50 per hour plus VAT